Friday Finds

Rummage sale find: The "my double" dress form model A, supposedly from the 1930's. You slip this on and button it up and form it to your own figure. Since I've been dealing with wire armatures for the softie trees, it really struck my fancy when I found it. I'm also thinking It may show up in one of my video pieces someday...


Buttons: the pink ones on the left are from the rummage sale and the rest are from an amazing button shop in El Cerrito called Exclusive Buttons. This place is such a treasure and the owner, Mary is such a sweet woman. Her husband whom she owned the shop with for over 25 years passed away in February at age 89 and last month his favorite button and prized possession was stolen from the shop right under Mary's nose. It's really a disheartening story. She told us yesterday that she keeps hoping the person will bring it back, maybe slip it into the mail slot at night. For those of you into vintage button shopping please keep your eyes peeled for it. And if you're local, go check out the shop - you will not be disappointed. Every city should have such a place!


These were my surprise find in the rummage sale buttons.


Vintage records: Rummage sale find. I buy these to listen to and for their cover art. I've got quite a collection of covers that I'd like to frame and display somewhere.


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Wow! those clock-style buttons are great!

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